I’ve used bookkeepers in the past - what makes you different?

We are professional, efficient, highly skilled and experienced, AND we bring a wealth of practical experience to the table. When you work with us you get more than just a bookkeeper. Our team also have expertise in small business systems + processes, tech and IT, accounting, HR and payroll. We provide a unique service that really meets your needs in a way not traditionally provided by bookkeepers.

How do you and my accountant work together?

We complement each other and become a valuable team that supports you in building a fantastic business. Our job is to work with you on the everyday financials - ensuring accurate records, reporting and claims. Your accountant will then support you with tax returns, business structure advice, asset protection, and tax minimisation strategies.

How often do you update our books?

Gone are the days of quarterly or monthly bookkeeping – your bookkeeper should be working for you every week. This is our process, and it works well for you and us. It means your Xero file is always up to date, issues and queries are addressed quickly (and before you forget what they’re about), meaningful reports can be generated when they matter, and end-of-month reporting is fast and accurate.

How much do you charge?


We provide fixed fee packages that cover all our work - no surprises. We don’t charge by the hour. After our initial review, we provide a customised proposal that will cover everything you need.

How do I get started with Eos Thirty?

Book a free review meeting. This meeting helps us learn about your business and your business needs. We will then provide a proposal and if you choose to move forward, we jump straight in and start working our magic!