How do we do this?

Step 1 - Automate your admin

Before we start on the bookkeeping, we look for opportunities to streamline your admin tasks, including paperwork, documents, data and financials.

We’ll set you up with the leading digital accounting software (Xero) and help you automate many of your day to day practices with Xero add-ons and other clever apps.

Step 2 - Manage your bookkeeping

Weekly or fortnightly bookkeeping is essential to keep your books clean and tidy. It minimises queries, and avoids missing documents and messy accounts – all of which waste time and money.

We ensure your Xero file is current and your documents are ordered and filed for easy access. We take care of your BAS and IAS reporting, and lodge these for you on time.

Eos Thirty also provides:

  • payroll and payment of super contributions

  • managing bills and paying suppliers

Step 3 - Keep you on track

Because we want to help you succeed, we will always seek new ways to help you improve your business processes and cash flow.  

This could include:

  • Leveraging tech for other areas of your business

  • Streamlining your client management processes

  • Improving client or staff onboarding practices

  • Ensuring compliance

  • Managing cash flow

To find out how we can help your business, please call us on 02 6189 1260 or contact us


Every bookkeeping service your business needs

At Eos Thirty, we set up smart, automated office processes to make running your business easy. We ensure your bookkeeping is processed accurately and always up to date. Our sole purpose is to free you up so you can completely focus on growing your business.